Web Language Interface
for Japanese
General Content
July 21, 2018

A new version for the 'Translate Japanese' link has been put online. You may now either type Hiragana and Katakana with the two
web keyboards, or paste directly Kanjis to the message text area
For facilitating the database serach, please group Kanjis by maximum two not more or the search will return no matching results.

Another new useful functionnality : a 'Autodetect' link, which allows to detect the encoding code
of your japanese writing. The japanese you paste in the text area may come from you Word, or a web site text or anything else.

A new functionnality of conversion of japanese text from three different encoding modes is in preparation.

This site is dedicated to people wanting to write EMAIL in japanese, but who have no japanese word processor. In the menu you have different options :
  • A link 'Write Email' which allows you to write directly an EMAIL, which can then be either in japanese or not in japanese at all.
    It's a common form page with a recipient, sender, subject and text input fields.
    After having fullfilled the fields, you'll access to a page asking you to choose the encoding type of the EMAIL. Please select one to confirm the message recording. Afterwards, the application may send this EMAIL directly to the recipient if you click to the link appearing allowing you to do so.
  • A link 'View Email List' which allows you to see all the EMAILS already recorded with this application, such as it's a free website people have full access to the messages. A list appears and either you or any messages' recipient may read his EMAIL with the Internet.
  • A link 'Write Japanese', different from the previous link, as it presents a full frame with three screens:
       1) On the left frame, two web-keyborads, presenting either an HIRAGANA or an KATAKANA board of characters. You may type the characters by clicking on the symbols, they will appear on a text field, then you can either type them in the Message form below or search the Kanji correspondance by clicking on the link "Search Kanji"
       2) On the right frame, a page presenting the result of a "Search Kanji" based on the hiragana or katakana or English typed in the fields of the left frame. By clicking on a Hiragana or Kanji link, from the result page, you type them in the message field below
       3) On the bottom, a form with the recipient, subject and message fields, and a link "Send" to send the message when you finish type it.
  • A link 'Japanese Vocabulary', which gives access to a database of more than 93 500 words or expressions in english/japanese with hiragana/katakana and kanjis.

    To go directly to this Kanji/Kana database please click here.

  • A 'Translate Japanese' link, which opens a page
    with the two Hiragana and Katakana keyboards. Then, type the japanese word(s) you want r paste the kanjis and fill in the precision you want :
  • the number of occurences of each word found in the database
  • the type of matching within "like" or just "equal".

  • General Content
    The purpose of this web application, is to allow european and japanese people to communicate as if using Email.
    European people have windows or Macintosh operating systems with european standard of character codification
    Japanese people have windows or macintosh operating systems with japanese encoding system, different from european ones, in particular considering the keyboard typing.
    Then when a Japanese types a message in japanese keyboard with a common email system, often the recipient, if european, and having no transcription of japanese in his computer, often just can not read what the content of the message is and sometimes also the subject and sender's name.

    This small site has been then developped to solve this communication problem,

    Don't hesitate to send me any suggestion you may have at plelu@free.fr.